12 Pink Recipes that are ACTUALLY good!

12 Pink Recipes that are ACTUALLY good!

Forget Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham,
check out some exciting PINK home-cook recipes from our Cosmic Cooking Club!

Delicious Pink Dishes

1. Sautéed Beetroot Gnocchi by @sour.lotti

Did you know? Beetroot is actually rich in Folate (vitamin B9) which helps cells grow and function? Try this Sautéed Beetroot Gnocchi recipe by @sour.lotti for a healthy AND tasty meal. Remember to tag us to share your masterpiece!

2. JBS Pinkalicious X’Mas Meal by @jeanbeanstudio

What has meat, veggies, and pink all over? A Pinkalicious recipe by @jeanbeanstudio! Made with pink mashed potatoes, asparagus wrapped in your choice of meat, and served with pink sauce to complete the dish!

3. Pink Shashuka by @khalilwhid

You’re definitely missing out if you don’t try @khalilwhid’s delicious Pink Shakshuka topped with feta cheese on a baguette! Shakshuka, a Maghrebi dish, is made from simple, healthy ingredients like eggs, tomatoes, peppers, olive oil, onion, garlic. All while spiced with cumin, paprika, and cayenne peppers.

4. Pink Velvet Pasta by @nomadetteats

What’s the difference between Red and Pink Velvet? Try this 10-minute recipe by @nomadetteats to learn the secrets of preparing Pink Pasta!

Delectable Pink Desserts

5. Pink Soufflés by @themeatmensg

It’s time to satisfy all your sweet-tooth cravings! And we’ll start with a beautiful Pink Soufflé recipe by @themeatmensg!

6. Pink Pancakes by @low_helen

You can’t start the day any brighter than with a plate full of Pink pancakes. Try them out for yourself with @low_helen’s recipe (plus, your favourite pancake add-ons like fruits, honey, etc.).

7. Apam Manja by @buatoranglapo

Enjoy the local delight of Apam Balik with a Pink twist through the help of @buatoranglapoand their home cook recipe.

8. Cutest Crêpe Wrapped Dessert by @keempossible_2

If the crêpes you make seem a little flat, check out this adorable Pink recipe by @keempossible_2 for a little more culinary flair to your plate.

9. Rose Pistachio Rolls by @cookwithshers

If you are a big fan of pistachios, you’re going to love this dessert roll! Check out @cookwithshers ’s recipe where she combines roses and pistachios into a sweet treat!

10. Tub Tim Grob by @thekampungvegan

Recognised as one of the world's best 50 desserts by CNN Travel, Tub Tim Grob is made of cubes of water chestnuts soaked in grenadine or red food dye, before being boiled in tapioca flour. Want to make your own at home? Try the Tub Tim Grob recipe by @thekampungvegan today!

11. Buko Strawberi Laici by @raraaaatan

Can’t imagine Strawberry and Lychee going well together? Well, @raraaaatan is here with a surprise! Try out Rara’s Buko Strawberi Laici recipe at home for a burst of Pink deliciousness.

12. Bubur Sum-sum by @atree.littlenest

Get set for Pink Indonesian rice pudding with the help of @atree.littlenest and their Pink Bubur Sum-sum recipe.

We hope you discover a new favourite recipe in Pink.

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