Non Toxic Swiss Certified Care Free Cleaning

Meet our bestseller

All-Day Cosmo Pan

Start your home cooking journey in style with our bestseller Cosmo Pan, an everyday Pan that's beautiful from stovetop to table.

With its Swiss-certified ceramic non-toxic, non-stick coating, it's the perfect cookware for any types of cooking from frying, sauteing, stewing or even baking!

Plus, it comes with a clear glass lid for easy monitoring and an ergonomic stainless steel handle for a sturdy hold.

Discover a healtheir way to cook!


"This pan is non-toxic and allows versatile cooking options."

"This cookware set is your dinner sous chef and a sleek display item with its efficient two-coat heat system."

"This gorgeous, non-toxic cookware will bring joy to any kitchen."

"These kitchen essentials are perfect for foodies, especially those who love to cook."

"For a cookware set worthy of display, choose Cosmic Cookware's five-piece set."

looks good, cooks good!

Serving you good looks while you cook, one meal at a time.

✦ Our Joyful Cooks Have Spoken ✦

My favourite pan. It is versatile and large (28cm), but not too heavy to carry

- Su Yen (@suyenpang)

Non Toxic Swiss Certified Care Free Cleaning


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