Big moments with smaller portions

Looking for more reasons to cook? Explore more recipes from smaller portions with our latest collection — Cosmo Minis!

Complete your kitchen with the new Cosmo Mini Pan and Cosmo Mini Casserole in your choice of Navy or Cream colours.

Cosmo Mini Pan

Great for sautéing and simmering.

Swiss-certified coating

Cosmo Mini Casserole

Made to boil, stew, and slow cook.

Half the size, double the delight

Mini in size, mighty in cleaning

Made with the same non-stick Swiss-certified coating to make cooking and cleaning effortless.

Fits (and bakes) well in your oven

Stew, simmer, stir fry, and even bake your favourite recipes worry-free.

More space for stewing or storing

Smaller cookware means less trouble with your cupboard space or oven size.

Get the right size for you