Coconut Beef Curry Recipe, Great for Fussy Eaters!

Coconut Beef Curry Recipe, Great for Fussy Eaters!

Coconut Beef Curry Recipe with a Scrumptious Twist that Even Little Fussy Eaters & Delicate Palates Appreciate!

There’s nothing quite as comforting as a hearty and flavoursome bowl of curry during cold wintry or rainy days. The rich ingredients of curry naturally warms your body while its inviting aroma releases a comforting effect on our senses. 

It truly feels like a hug for the soul! Could you think of a more comforting dish for dreary chilly nights? Not quite, though I must admit I'm absolutely biased to curry.

So here’s an amazing recipe for Coconut Beef Curry by our Cosmic Cookware friend, Stacey Hatfield of Natural Spoonfuls! It’s the perfect winter warmer for fussy eaters (raise your hands if your little ones crossed your mind!) or those with a more delicate palate as it does away with the typical harsh sour spiciness found in traditional curries.

This delightful curry combines the tanginess of passata or tomato sauce, the mild spiciness of curry powder, the richness of coconut cream, and the tenderness of beef meatballs to create a dish that’s perfect for weeknights, a dinner gathering with friends, or a comforting dinner with family.

An easy beef curry recipe with meatballs instead of the usual beef chunks.

Why this Recipe Works for Fussy Eaters and Delicate Palates

It’s Naturally Mild But You Can Customise Its Spiciness

Young fussy eaters and those with a delicate palate may not be naturally accustomed to spicy dishes. That’s why one of the main reasons this curry works is because you can easily customise its spiciness with chilli flakes.

This recipe is naturally mild, but those who crave a bit more heat can simply adjust the spice level to their liking by adding more chilli flakes even after the dish is served.

Save Heaps of Time by Making Succulent Beef Meatballs Over Pressure Cooking or Tenderising Beef Chunks

Traditional beef curry typically calls for beef chunks or sliced beef. But these are often tough and require extra time to tenderise by breaking it down in the slow cooker it or by marinating it overnight. Unless of course, you’re planning to spend extra on buying expensive, tender cuts of beef.

This recipe eliminates the hassle of pressure cooking and overnight marination by replacing beef chunks with ground meat to create meatballs. Say hello to a satisfying dinner in no time!

Skip the slow cooker and make this fun yet delicious beef coconut curry with meatballs.

Meatballs are More Fun Instead of Regular Beef Chunks

Who doesn’t love meatballs?

This recipe’s meatballs add a playful element, making it more enticing for fussy eaters. It takes less time to cook compared to beef chunks and ensures that every bite is tender with so much flavour.

This beef coconut curry uses coconut cream, resulting in a rich beef curry with so much taste!

No Coconut Milk, Just Pure Creamy Goodness with Coconut Cream

Most beef curry recipes curries use coconut milk, but this beef curry recipe calls for coconut cream which results in a luxuriously thicker sauce while perfectly balancing the spices within the curry powder mix.

This creamy texture makes the dish exceptionally palatable, making it ideal for those sensitive to bold flavours. Rich, creamy curries are also truly comforting when served hot over a bed of rice on cold, wintry days.

What is the Best Meat for Beef Curry?

Since this recipe calls for ground meat, lean cuts like sirloin or tenderloin work best if you prefer to have it ground freshly at home. These cuts are relatively tender without being too fatty, so they cook well in the form of meatballs.

If you’d like a fattier cut for a more flavoursome option, a chuck steak cut is an excellent choice that’s slightly fattier than brisket. That said, chuck roast does typically deliver a beefier taste, so if that’s not something you’re after, stick to sirloin or tenderloin.

This is one of the best beef curry recipes with delicious browned beef and coconut cream that reduces the intensity of the curry powder.

Does this Curry Need Coconut Milk or Coconut Cream?

Does it matter whether you add coconut milk or coconut cream for this coconut beef curry? Yes it does! While both coconut milk and coconut cream are derived from coconut, their consistency differs.

Coconut cream is much thicker and richer than coconut milk as it contains less water. That’s why we recommend using coconut cream for this coconut beef curry. It adds a yummy touch of creaminess to the curry, enhancing its flavour and overall texture.

However, if you don’t have coconut cream on hand, you can always substitute it for coconut milk. While it may result in a lighter consistency, you can always opt to reduce it by simmering it for a longer amount of time to get the thickness you’re after.

If You’d Like to Skip The Rice for Something Lower in Carbs…

This recipe calls for the beef curry to be served with basmati rice. But if you prefer a low-carb alternative, then cauliflower rice or zucchini noodles are fantastic options.

Ready-to-eat cauliflower rice can easily be purchased at your nearest grocer as a quick option. Alternatively you could steam or sauté cauliflower, then grate it to make cauliflower rice which resembles rice in texture.

Zucchini noodles, also known as “zoodles”, can be made using a spiraliser or julienne peeler to create noodle-like strands from fresh zucchini. You can then lightly sauté it before serving it with the coconut beef curry for a yummy Indian twist on spaghetti with meatballs.

Ultimately, both cauliflower rice and zoodles are by far the most nutritious and flavoursome alternatives to traditional rice.

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